Welcome to the African Queen Studio


Our exciting new SAND range of bleached jacaranda pods, with their soft neutral tones, make up our latest pod chandeliers. Combined with Zulu beads they complement the cool pastels of sophisticated interiors.

The African Queen Studio is a small, very creative business, based in McGregor, a rural village in the Western Cape of South Africa.

The African Queen Studio specializes in creating unique high-end quality handmade products, in particular chandeliers, using natural materials, and embellished with beads, crystals and other interesting pieces.

At present the team of the African Queen Studio is inspired by dried jacaranda seedpods, collected in our rural area. The fascinating shapes of the individual seedpods have led to the creation of our exquisite seedpod chandeliers, which have received international acclaim and are now being exported far beyond our South African borders.

We specialise in custom made pieces.

The local jacaranda pods at source and their processing.

Natural colour

Bleached pods with Zulu beads

Seedpod painted

Jacaranda in bloom

Jacaranda trees in Robertson, Western Cape, South Africa

For more images of our fabulous creations, please visit our Eco Decor page.